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i was looking forward to the day when we picked out a dog together. she always loved the idea of getting a puppy. i wanted to be that awesome boyfriend that would get a her a puppy, so she finally had a pet. 

i just loved to see her happy and i would have killed to do that at least once. 

so im gonna rant a bit. my girlfriend just broke up with me. and i feel like a failure. i should have tryed harder. i should have just givin up smoking and really tryed for her. because i honestly really really liked her, and i could have falling for her. it just hurts to know that i messed up with her. so is so beautiful and she lights up my world. and now ill never get that chance. 

and i just hate myself. valentines day is gonna fucking kill me

Just went through your eyes,
and the battle was fine.
Couldn’t stand to see your screaming heart.
Now I realize that I might have been
part of the reason for your frowning heart.

And so I grey the heart and the shape,
that look that you gave, staring.
At empty help me back to awake.
And so I play the heart and the shape.

(Source: Spotify)

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